Drum Major Tryouts


In order to tryout for the position of Drum Major with The Ohio State University Marching Band, an individual must;

1. Be a student at The Ohio State University and meet the OSUMB G.P.A. requirements

2. Have been a member of the Drum Major Squad or OSUMB for a minimum of one year.

Once he or she meets these requirements they are eligible to participate in drum major tryouts at any point during his our her tenure as a student at Ohio State.

There is no limit to the number of times a person may tryout for the position of Drum Major. However, Drum Majors are bound by the same five-year membership limit, as are all other band members, with membership in the Drum Major Squad included in this limit.

Ohio State Drum Major TryoutsAdjudicators for the tryouts are selected from the following: OSUMB staff, faculty and staff of The Ohio State University, a current Most Inspirational Bandsman or selected band members, former drum majors, and high school band directors.

Each candidate must perform a series of 3 tryout elements.

Tryouts begin by candidates performing the traditional "Ramp Entrance", which involves the high strut from the north tunnel, toe touch, salute and backbend, and the goal post toss. Next, candiates perform an individual twirling routine choreographed to a selected piece of music chosen by the OSUMB Staff and performed live by members of the band in attendance at tryouts. Finally, each candidate demonstrates his or her technique with a series of five high aerial tosses.

Announcement of Results
Results of the tryout procedure will be announced to all assembled by the OSU Marching Band Director as soon as the official scorer deems the scoring process completed. Once the results are certified by the official scorer and the OSU Marching Band Director, they shall be final and not subject to appeal.