In 2002 the OSU Drum Major position secured a full in-state tuition scholarship. This scholarship was provided by the TBDBITL Alumni Club Scholarship Endowment, and is the largest scholarship any OSU Marching Band member can receive. It is also one of the largest scholarships for a drum major in the country. The first recipient was Adam Prescott of Elyria, Ohio. Adam played a crucial role in researching and championing for the scholarship, and is now a chair on the scholarship committee.

The Lynnwood Battle Jr. Scholarship, the predecessor of the Drum Major scholarship, was first enacted in 2001. Today the Lynnwood Battle Jr. Scholarship is given solely to the Assistant Drum Major, and was first awarded to Assistant Drum Major Kathryn Mitchell of Columbus, Ohio in 2002.

The work of providing scholarships to the Drum Majors, as well as the band, is far from done. If you would like to make a donation towards scholarships for the Drum Majors or other members of the OSUMB, please contact the Script Ohio Club for more information. All gifts and donations are processed through The Ohio State University Development Fund.

The Drum Major Scholarship Committee Chairs (2013):

  • Pete Boriin, TBDBITL Alumni
  • Shelley Graf, Drum Major 1981
  • Josh Halter, Drum Major 2008-09
  • Chris Hoch, Director of OSUMB
  • Adam Prescott, Drum Major 2001-02