• OSU Drum Major From Portsmouth

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    • JULY 17, 2014

    Local alum named drum major for OSU band again

    PORTSMOUTH, Oh. (WSAZ) -- For years, David Pettit practiced tirelessly twirling his baton for the Portsmouth Trojans. Now, all that work has paid off as he has been named the Drum Major for The Ohio State University. All eyes will be on Pettit as OSU takes this field every weekend this coming fall. As Drum Major, Pettit leads the band and has the honor of dotting the "i" for Script Ohio. Before attending Ohio State, Pettit was the Drum Major in his hometown of Portsmouth. David is a Pre-Med major at Ohio State and is happy to be representing the Buckeyes.

  • OSU Marching Band names head, assistant drum majors for 2014 season

    • THE LANTERN, Aaron Yerian
    • MAY 4, 2014

    TBDBITL has a new leader.

    The Ohio State University Marching Band held its annual drum major tryouts Saturday to select the head and assistant drum majors for the 2014 season.

    David Pettit, a student in piano performance, was named the head drum major with Nathan MacMaster, a graduate student at Glenn School of Public Affairs, as his assistant. In the 2013 season, Pettit was named Most Inspirational Bandsperson for serving as a drum major alongside Kyle West, and MacMaster was the assistant drum major.

    "Having the experience last year as the incumbent drum major helped, but there's a lot more pressure your second year, you got to perform. All the candidates did awesome. It's a tough competition. Luckily, I came out on top," Pettit said.

    Other candidates for the position included Kyle Gangidine-Daley, a student in health sciences, Cole McDonough, a student in sociology and criminology, and Kishan Patel, a student in physics and mathematics.

    There were 20 adjudicators on hand to judge the five candidates in three categories: ramp entrance, twirling and aerial tosses. Judges for the event included current marching band director Jon Waters, directors Emeriti Jon Woods and Paul Droste and the first female drum major of TBDBITL, Shelley Graf.

    "All five of these candidates were absolutely prepared," Waters said. "In my time here, I have not seen a tighter tryout with point totals and scoring that was so close between all the candidates from the very first place person to the fifth place person, mere tenths of points."

    Pettit was named the drum major outright, but there was a tie for the assistant position between MacMaster and McDonough, which resulted in a walk-off. Both were required to perform the entire routine one more time.

    "After the first round, I knew it was close," MacMaster said. "Cole was a really great competitor, and I knew we both had really good tryouts, and it's always in the back of our minds. We prepare for it every year, what if there is a tie."
    Following the tiebreaker, Waters announced that the judges selected MacMaster as the assistant drum major.

    "It shows the level of the program, it shows how we're moving forward, and it shows the devotion of our students," Waters said about the tie.
    2014 Drum Major Tryouts OSUMB

    The assistant position involves more than simply being the understudy.

    "Whenever there is double scripts, they lead the second Script Ohio, and they always perform post-game, they always perform at concerts, and if anything happens to me, they will step in," Pettit said.

    Members of the university's alumni, athletic and current marching bands provided the musical accompaniment for the competition and played "Buckeye Battle Cry" for the ramp portion of the event and the theme from the Pixar and Disney animated feature "The Incredibles" for the twirling competition.

    OSU's Marching Band saw much publicity in its 2013 season, including videos of the band's Michael Jackson-themed and Hollywood-themed halftime shows going viral, as well as being featured in an Apple commercial for the iPad.

    After the tryout, Pettit expressed his joy and anticipation for being named the 2014 head drum major.

    "It's such an adrenaline rush. You're standing up in that tunnel, and you hear the crowd going. It's the greatest feeling in the world," Pettit said.

  • Pettit named drum major at Ohio State

    • By POrtsmith Daily Times, Wayne Allen
    • May 10, 2014

    Portsmouth High School (PHS) graduate, and current The Ohio State University student, David Pettit was recently named the 59th drum major for The Ohio State University Marching Band.

    Pettit said his aspirations towards being a drum major started in high school when he was asked by the PHS band director to be the schools first drum major.

    "I fell in love with it, and the rest is history," Pettit said.

    Pettit was drum major for The Ohio State University Marching Band during the first four football games in 2013, and will do all of the games this year. When asked about his experience in 2013, Pettit said "it was a good experience. I was able to get some prep for tryouts (in 2014) because I wanted to be in the best condition possible. I was relying on that experience to have the day of my life on Saturday (May 3) for my tryout."

    Pettit said tryouts are always a high pressure situation, "you only have about three minutes on one day to prove why you should have a spot or why you should keep your spot (in the band)."

    Pettit said his training for this year's tryouts started when the band got back from the school's bowl game.

    "You train to be perfect, so you can do it in your sleep and I just went out there, relied on my training and had a great day," he said.

    Pettit described his favorite part of the experience as running down the ramp.

    "Running down the ramp when the drum major comes in the stadium is the most fun thing I've ever done in my life. It's the greatest felling, of course you get a little bit of nerves, but once you start running they are all gone," Pettit said.

    "Once you break out of the ramp and hear a wall of sound, it's just amazing. It's indescribable how an amazing the sites and sounds are, it's perfect."

    In addition to being named drum major, this is Pettit's last year of school at The Ohio State University.

    "Since I had some experience last year I'm going to know what I'm doing and plan on savoring every moment," Pettit said.

    When asked what he is looking forward to the most Pettit said, "getting back on the ramp and leading script Ohio. Those are my two favorite things."

  • 2014 Ohio High School Drum Major Spring Clinic Recap

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