• Area students vie for OSU drum major

    • By Dave Perozek, The Chronicle-Telegram
    • May 2002

    COLUMBUS — Adam Prescott has already strutted and twirled his way to the top. Now, he just wants to stay there. Prescott, a 1999 Elyria High graduate, will defend his position as Ohio State University drum major during tryouts next Tuesday afternoon at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

    Five others will compete for the position, including Eric Sommer an Avon Lake High graduate who served as assistant drum major last year.

    Prescott is looking to continue what has become an Elyria tradition. The Ohio State drum major has come from Elyria for five of the past six years. The only other year was 1998 when Scott Sommer — Eric's big brother — served as drum major. Scott Sommer is now drum major for the University of Akron while finishing a degree there. Eric Sommer, left, and Adam Prescott

    " It's something both boys enjoy doing," said father Ron Sommer. "They like the challenge. Adam (Prescott) does a very nice job, but he'll have tough competition."

    Prescott is confident he can defend his title, despite a hand injury he sustained last month. "I broke a piece of my pinky knuckle on my twirling hand. The baton came down and bent it sideways," Prescott said. "So I have to tape it to my ring finger. It hurts every once in a while, but it should be OK."

    He said the experience factor should help him. The other five candidates "are going to have to knock me out. All the pressure is on them. But then again, I have everything to lose."

    Cheering him on will be his mother, Etta Prescott. "I'm hoping he gets it. I'm so proud of him," she said. His father William, who always took great pride in his drum major son, passed away on Feb. 23.

    " He was always there to support me," Adam Prescott said. "I'm sure if he was here he'd be as nervous and excited as I am."

    About 20 people are expected to judge the tryouts on Tuesday. The winner will be announced Tuesday night.