• Drum Major Training Squad 2012: Who made D-Row?

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    • Aug 15, 2012

    Over the last 4 days the OSUMB has been busy selecting the 2012 OSU Marching Band. This year 3 students were selected to be part of the Drum Major Training Squad (also known as D-row). The new members selected are;

    - Cole McDonough, a freshman from Mount Vernon, Ohio. Major: Criminal Justice. Cole was drum major for two years at Mount Vernon High School. This is Cole's 1st year in the OSUMB.

    - Kyle Gangidine-Daley, a junior from North Olmsted, Ohio. Major: Health Sciences, Pre-Physical Therapy. Kyle was Drum Major for one year at North Olmsted High. This is Kyle's 1st year in the OSUMB.

    - Ricky Williams, a freshman from Amherst, Ohio, Major: Operations Management. Ricky was a Drum Major for two years at Amherst High School. This is Ricky's 1st year in the OSUMB

    (Also of note: former D-Row member, Kishan Patel, made the OSUMB as a member of the sousaphone section. Congrats Kishan!)
    2012 Ohio State Drum Major Training Squad

    D-Row Tryouts include testing on all OSUMB style marching fundamentals, as well as an abbreviated Pre-Game Ramp entrance, a twirling routine and a high-toss competition.  Judges included the OSUMB Directing staff, Drum Major, Kyle West, Assistant Drum Major David Petitt and several Alumni Drum Majors.  

    “These guys have worked hard all year to get to this point. We have a lot of talent this year and a really hard-working, dedicated D-row. Each student brings his own unique strengths and I am sure they will be able to learn a lot and grow a lot this year too.” said Head Drum Major, Kyle West.

    What’s D-row?

    D-row was established in 1979 to provide a training ground for hopeful Drum Majors to refine their skills and to carry on the tradition of innovative and inspiring OSU Drum Majors. Learn more here.

  • 2012 OSUMB Season Trailer

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    • Aug 12, 2012

    Thanks to former D-Row member, the talented Nate MacMaster, for creating this awesome 2012 OSUMB Trailer, featuring 2010-2011 Drum Major Jason Stuckert. We are now officially pumped for the season to begin!

  • Dr. Woods to retire this quarter

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    • May 25, 2012

    After 28 years as Director of The Ohio State University Marching Band, and 38 years with the band, Dr. Jon Woods is now retiring. Dr Woods, thank you for the amazing work you have done leading this band, teaching and inspiring so many students to perform at their best, and reach for perfection. We are amazed at the wonderful way you have balanced keeping the traditions alive, while being an innovator as well. You are a true inspiration!

  • OSUMB in Times Square

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    • May 16, 2012

    What's new Drum Major, Kyle West's first performance with the OSUMB? He's in NYC in Times Square. No biggie! Okay, it's pretty cool.

  • Lakewood graduate named Ohio State drum major

    • By L.B Whyde, Advocate Reporter
    • May 11, 2012

    HEBRON — Little did Scott Coffey know that asking Kyle West to try out for drum major at Lakewood High School in 2006 would lead to West earning the state’s most prominent drum major position six years later.

    And this won’t be the first time a Lakewood graduate will lead the Ohio State University Marching Band.

    West, 21, was named the band’s 58th drum major Tuesday and will lead the band during the 2012 football season. The tryouts took place at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center in front of family and friends, as well as former and current Lancer Band staff.

    “It is still kind of surreal right now,” West said. “It hasn’t quite settled in yet.”

    Josh Halter was the first Lakewood graduate to earn the drum major spot at OSU and spent two years, 2008-09, strutting his stuff.

    There was not even a drum major position at Lakewood until Halter approached Coffey, who was the band director at the time, about the possibility.

    Coffey agreed, but when Halter was to leave, there was no one to fill his shoes.
    After much consideration, Coffey approached West. Coffey first met West when he was in fifth-grade band, playing tuba. At that time, West was very shy, quiet and withdrawn, Coffey said.

    But later coming in as a freshman, West was much more the extrovert and comedian. Coffey was impressed with his work ethic, so he asked West if he would be interested in becoming drum major.

    West didn’t seem interested, even though Coffey asked several times. When he saw West carrying the mace, however, Coffey knew he had accepted the challenge.

    “He progressed very quickly,” said Coffey, now vice principal at Lakewood. “Much like Josh, he never put the mace down. He was at school long hours, practicing.”

    West competed against eight other candidates in the following categories: Traditional ramp entrance, a twirling routine to “Zoot Suit Riot” and five aerial tosses.

    “All you can do is study for school and practice for drum major,” West said. “Everything else takes a back seat. I worked my butt off.” West is majoring in exercise science and nutrition. His mother, Sharon Hutchens, lives in Hebron. This was the first time his older sister was able to attend the tryouts.
    “It was kind of neat of getting it when she was there,” West said.

    Last year, West was the assistant drum major.

    As a freshman at OSU in 2009, West was on the drum major training squad.

    He didn’t want to do that two years in a row, so he tried out and was named to the sousaphone line during his sophomore year.

    He is the first person to be both a band member and a drum major. That gives West the unique possibility as a future alumnus to lead an alumni script and also dot an alumni script.

    Coffey was in attendance for the recent tryouts and felt a great deal of pride when West’s name was called.

    “I was so pleased, so proud,” Coffey said. “Like a proud father. This was the second time I got to experience one of my boys’ names being announced.”

    Coffey credits the whole idea of having a drum major at Lakewood to Halter, he said. The position hadn’t considered before. Now, it seems to be a tradition for Lakewood graduates to go on to the top spot.

    “Lightening has struck twice,” Coffey said.

    Read full article from the 'Newark Advocate' here.

  • How firm thy friendship.

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    • May 8th, 2012

    Ohio State Alumni Drum Majors TBDBITL
    Alumni Drum Majors reunite as judges (or coaches) for 2012 Drum Major Tryouts. This picture truly represents how alive the traditions and history are within The OSUMB. The Drum Majors in this photo range from the years 1944 to 2011. How firm thy friendship!  

    Photo Credit: Ed Crockett, Crockett Photography
  • 21st Annual Drum Major Clinic: Recap

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    • APRIL, 2012

    2012 Ohio State Drum Major Spring Camp
    The Ohio State University Marching Band and The High School Drum Major Training Program hosted the 21st Annual Spring Drum Major Clinic this April. The first clinic was held in 1992, with only one student (who turned out to become future OSUMB Drum Major, Karl Neudorfer, 94-95). Today, the clinic has grown to over 30 students from more than a dozen different school districts across Ohio. This year students and parents had the opportunity to attend the Ohio State University Spring Football Game and watch the 2011 Assistant Drum Major, Kyle West, perform at halftime with the Spring Athletic Band. On Sunday, participants met to learn valuable lessons about leadership and drum majoring from TBDBITL Alumni Drum Majors. Guest Speaker include Alumni Drum Major Matt Bally (99-00) and Alumni Director Dr. Paul Droste, Marching Band Director, and retiring Director Dr. Jon R. Woods.

    The attending students then spent the afternoon learning the traditional Drum Major ramp entrance (including strutting) and basic to advanced twirling from the assembled current and alumni Drum Majors.

    If you are interested in learning more about participating in the High School Drum Major Training program, please contact us here. Summer sessions & training will begin again in mid-June.

    Meet the Trainers: Alumni Drum Majors and Assistant Drum Majors at the 2012 Spring Clinic...
    Ohio State Drum Major Camp - TBDBITL