• OSUMB Hosts High School Drum Majors at OSU vs. Wisconsin Game

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    • November 3, 2007

    On Saturday November 3rd, 2007 the OSUMB hosted five high school students who are Juniors/Seniors and active participants in The Drum Major Training Program at The Ohio State University. The students and one of their parents spent the day with the Marching Band watching the Drum Major lead the band through Skull Session and the game. They were chaperoned during the day by current Drum Major Squad member, Nick Frye. The current Drum Majors and Alumni Drum Majors of the OSUMB are proud of the hard work and dedication that these five students have exhibited both on their high school football fields and in their classrooms each day. With continued practice, these hopeful future Buckeyes may someday represent the Pride of The Buckeyes!

    Photo Credit: Ed Crockett. (Flanked by Drum Major Stewart Kitchen and Assistant Drum Major Josh Halter, from left to right: This year's guest's are: Kyle West (Lakewood H.S., Lauren Houck Band Director), Kyle's mother Sharon Hutchens, Jim Bierly (Upper Arlington H.S., Mike Manser Band Director), Jason Stuckert's father Ed Lowe, Jason Stuckert (Avon Lake H.S., Dave Eddleman Band Director), Jim's mother Jo Bierly, Everette Bingham's father Everett Bingham Sr., Everett Bingham Jr. (Northland H.S., Rick Eckler Band Director), Russell Lindsay (Gahanna Lincoln H.S., Jeff Shellhammer Band Director), and Russell's mother Donna Lindsay)

  • Drum Major Honored as Most Inspirational Bandperson

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    • October 27, 2007

    Stewart Kitchen became the 8th Drum Major to win the award of “Most Inspirational Bandperson.” (MIB) This award is commonly recognized as the most prestigious award presented by the Ohio State University Marching Band as the recipient is selected by votes from all Marching Band members and Directors. The Most Inspirational Bandperson Award is in its 50th year, with the first recipient being bandsman V. James Polidora in 1957. The award was presented to Stewart at the annual Marching Band Concert on October 27th, 2007 at Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in Columbus.

    Previous Drum Majors to receive the MIB award:

    - Lenny Hart (1959)
    - Bob "Link" Harper (1964)
    - Barry Kopetz (1972)
    - Dwight Hudson (1979)
    - Oliver McGee (1980)
    - Rich Parks (1988)
    - Adam Prescott (2002)
    - Stewart Kitchen (2007)

  • Meet the 2007 Drum Major Training Squad (D-Row)

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    • August 30, 2007

    Congratulations to Sam Heinhold, junior from Cincinnati, Nick Frye, sophomore from Kettering, and Matt Berndsen, freshman from Columbus, for making the 2007 Drum Major Training Squad (D-Row).

    This team will spend the fall season training under Drum Major Stewart Kitchen and Assistant Drum Major, Josh Halter. In the spring Heinhold, Frye and Berndsen, along with Assistant Drum Major, Halter will be eligible to tryout for the Head Drum Major and Assistant Drum Major position.

  • 1st Regional Drum Major Clinic Held in Massillon, Ohio

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    • June, 2007

    Did you know over a dozen high schools in the east and northeastern sections of Ohio have OSU style Drum Majors (or starting programs modeled after OSU style this year)?

    In an effort to reach out to the students and high schools with OSU stylized drum major programs, this year's OSU Drum Major and Assistant Drum Major held the first ever Regional Drum Major Clinic at the Paul Brown Tiger Stadium in Massillon, Ohio.

    With the support from the Massillon Washington Band Boosters and Massillon Washington Band, under the direction of Jason Neel (OSUMB 1994-1997, Trombone), Drum Major Stewart Kitchen and Assistant Drum Major Josh Halter held a half-day practice session for local area high school drum majors. Practice included; one-on-one teaching of the basics of twirling and strutting as well as conditioning and preparation techniques for the fall season.

    This area of Ohio is home to many OSU alumni and fans and has a history of being the largest contingent of OSU style Drum Majors outside of the greater Columbus area. However, due to distance from Columbus and the fact that many of the drum major training practices are held at Summer Practice Sessions on campus (Tuesday and Thursday evenings), it can be difficult for students to attend to get ready for the fall season. For OSU, these high schools are important. In the last 10 years this area has provided the OSUMB with 5 different Drum Majors. With the caliber and potential found in the students that attended the regional clinic this year the Buckeyes are looking forward to seeing another decade of drum majors carring on the traditions, with roots in eastern and northeastern Ohio.

  • Article: 'Stew-pendous: KHS grad Kitchen to return as Ohio State drum major'

    • May 11, 2007

    Photo and Article By DAN ROBINSON, Times staff writer


    COLUMBUS: The competition was close, but Kenton High School graduate Stew Kitchen will be returning to lead the Ohio State Marching Band as drum major for another year.

    The temperature on the Woody Hayes Practice Field was 91 degrees as the OSU band warmed up for the competition between four students who hoped to lead the band onto next fall's football field.

    The competition was divided into three segments; the entrance, twirling and aerials.

    Kitchen, who was last year's drum major, was the first of the four to take the field. A large number of Kenton High School fans and friends cheered Kitchen on from the sidelines as he strutted across the field, stopped and did the traditional back bend. As a veteran, Kitchen was doing the same opening he performed several times last fall.

    The field of four candidates quickly dropped to three when Henry Golatt made his entrance and collapsed on the field. He lay motionless in the heat for several minutes as trainers came to his assistance. It was later announced Golatt had recovered, but he lost his spot in the competition.

    Throughout the contest, it became apparent to the crowd from Kenton there would be competition for Kitchen from freshman Josh Halter. Not only did the Hebron native perform impressively, but he, like Kitchen, brought his own cheering section.

    At the end of the three segments, the judges who sat on the artificial turf of the football practice facility, tallied their scores. As the band played, the Kenton fans were cautiously optimistic. Kitchen had dropped his baton once in his twirling routine and again in the aerials, but his performance had included back flips and an array of strong physical moves.

    "My tryout didn't go as well as last year," said Kitchen as he waited for the judges' results. "I got too confident in the easy stuff. They (the drops) were flukes, but I think overall it was effective. I hope my experience showed."

    On the sidelines, talk among the Kenton crowd was confident, but realistic. Halter looked good, said several. They recalled last year¹s competition when Kitchen, as a freshman, surprised everyone and took the top spot from returning veterans.

    "Last year Stew had nothing to lose and everything to gain,² said his father, Chris. ³This year it is the opposite."

    As the judges presented their decision to the announcer, Kitchen stood between Halter and Sam Heinold, a sophomore from Cincinnati, to hear the results.

    Halter was named assistant and Kitchen would return as drum major.

    "I'm relieved it's over," said Kitchen. "I hope to start where I left off and build on that."

    "It was close, but I thought Stew would win," said Jack Buroker of Kenton after the announcement. "Stew had more pizzazz."

    "Stew just has that special spark," agreed Sally Ganger of Kenton. "He has charisma."

    "He makes us all proud," said his former high school band director Steve Ganger. "This lets kids know they can set goals and reach them with hard work. That is true for any kid."

    Sally Ganger said when she asks her sixth grade students to write about someone they admire, Kitchen is often the subject of several papers.

    "I was more nervous this year than last year", said Kitchen¹s mom, Mitzi. "I'm just happy Stew gets to live his dream one more year."

    First Printed in the Kenton Times : http://www.kentontimes.com/kentontimes/index.html

  • Lakewood graduate chosen to be OSU's assistant drum major

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    • May 11, 2007

    By MARK SZAKONYI, Advocate Reporter, Credits: The Newark Advocate www.newarkadvocate.com

    HEBRON After two months of intense practice, the time had come for Lakewood High School graduate Joshua Halter.

    The college freshman's anxiety about the Ohio State University Marching Band's drum major tryouts had hit almost panic-attack levels in the months before the big day.

    The tension disappeared by the time he bent backward to perform the traditional touching of his hat's plume to the ground.

    "It was kind of weird because it was the most calm I had felt for a long time," said Halter, who graduated from Lakewood last year.He didn't earn the top job, but he was chosen as assistant drum major instead.

    One of the judges said Halter has the potential to be drum major next year. "Anyone can perform a trick, but it takes special talent to entertain the audience. Josh excels at that," said Cory Thompson, who was the university's drum major in 1996 and 1997.

    The job also takes a good deal of hand-eye coordination, balance and stamina, Thompson said.

    He said the assistant drum major's primary responsibility is being the backup in case the drum major can't perform.

    Aside from taking care of alternate marchers during the game, the assistant drum major performs in the postgame show, said Thompson, who is the treasurer and chief financial officer for The Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County.

    Halter also will lead the second "Script Ohio" before kickoff, he said.Halter said he plans to take a little time off before the beginning of the practice routine, which calls for up to four hours of training per day.He said he owes his success to David Wolford, who led the high school's marching band his freshman year, and to Scott Coffey, who was the director the years afterward.

    Halter said Coffey gave him the chance to show he could become the high school's first drum major."I'd been tailgating at Ohio State and watching the band," he said. "I saw their drum major and wondered why our school didn't have that."Thompson said the experience as assistant drum major will help Halter later in life, especially in his career."It improves your character," he said. "It says a lot of someone who has been in that position."Thompson said Halter has the rare opportunity to perform for what is in his opinion the best military-style marching band in the country."

    It is not only that you're playing for the best, but you're playing at a Class A school and athletic program," he said.Halter's mom, Kim, said her oldest child always has been a hard worker and an "all-around good kid."

    "We are really proud of him," she said. "It is a big honor."Halter said he still is getting his head around the idea that he will be part of the university's marching band."To have a uniform on and to be on that field is surreal," he said. "It is something you are still in awe of every time."

  • 2007 Drum Major Selected

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    • May 10, 2007

    Congratulations to Stewart Kitchen of Kenton, Ohio for being selected as head drum major for the 2007 Ohio State University Marching Band! Josh Halter of Newark, Ohio was selected as the assistant drum major.

  • 16th Annual Spring Drum Major Clinic Recap

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    • April 18, 2007

    The Ohio State University Marching Band and The Ohio High School Drum Major Training Program hosted the 16th Annual Spring Drum Major Clinic in April. The first clinic was held in 1992, with only one student. Today the clinic has grown to over 20 students from more than a dozen different school districts across Ohio. This year students and parents had the opportunity to attend the Ohio State University Spring Football Game and watch the 2006 Drum Major, Stewart Kitchen, perform at halftime with the Spring Athletic Band. On Sunday, participants meet to learn valuable lessons about leadership and drum majoring from TBDBITL Alumni Director Dr. Paul Droste and Alumni Drum Majors Bruce Hart ('82-'83) and Cyril Costoff ('44). Marching Band Director, Dr. Jon R. Woods and a University Admissions Counselor also addressed the eager crowd. The attending students then spent 5 hours learning the traditional Drum Major ramp entrance (including strutting) and basic to advanced twirling from the assembled current and alumni Drum Majors. The exciting afternoon wrapped up at the Steinbrenner Band Center watching video highlights of accomplished Drum Majors over pizza and sodas. All of the students and families expressed enthusiastic desire to attend the 2008 Clinic, tentatively scheduled for April 19th and 20th, 2008.