• Drum Major keeps the baton twirling

    • By Julie branco, the Lantern
    • May 21, 1997

    Cory Thompson will be dipping his head and twirling his baton for thousands to see next season when he continues as drum major of The Best Damn Band In The Land.

    Thompson, a junior majoring in accounting, was chosen at Tuesday afternoon's tryouts.

    "To me, it's an honor to be able to do it and make it. It's a great achievement," Thompson said.
    Thompson beat out three other students for the position.

    Jon R. Woods, the director of the band, said he was impressed with the competition.

    "I feel very good about the selections," Woods said. "It's the most competitive we've had in awhile. I'm very pleased with the people we have."

    Scott Sommer, a freshman majoring in music education, was named assistant drum major for the band for the second consecutive season.

    "I'm relaxed now," Sommer said after the competition. "I'm looking forward to going to another Rose Bowl."

    Thompson's mother, Yvonne Hutchson, said she was incredibly relieved after the competition.
    "This is so hard," Hutchson said. "It's hard on Moms; we know what it means to them."

    To be eligible to compete for the drum major position, a student must have at least one year experience as an Ohio State band member or on the Drum Major Squad.

    Twenty-two different people judged the four contestants on the traditional "Ramp Entrance," an individual twirling routine, and a series of five aerial tosses.

    Farrah Mavrikos, a freshman majoring in criminology who tried out for the positions, said she plans on trying out again next year.

    Woods said he was happy that the selections have experience and are showing improvement.